The Difference One Member Of Staff Can Make…

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I’m back in not so sunny Wales 😢

And this week has been all about automations and systems

They save time, money and speed up processes 💸

On Monday Ryan from Legit Fit shared his experience with what he does in his software company and all of the Fitpro’s he works with

Tuesday I gave you 5 tips and a couple of ideas for software

And Thursday we shared whats working right now including confirmation and expectation 😄

Today though, I want to talk about staff

Staff make the biggest difference when it comes to moving your fitness business forward

If you’re a one-man band, you’re doing all the lead gen, all the chasing, all of the sales, all of the sessions, all the consultations, the client feedback, the bookkeeping 😧

And you have no time!

I’ve been there and I’ve done it

I had 35 clients working 6 days a week 60-70 hours

But the minute I got someone in to chase the leads…so much time was saved 😇

I didnt have to spend hours ringing prospects

That massively helped me

And it meant I could give more to my current clients

They got better results ✅

The next step is taking on another Personal Trainer

Then you can help even more people

We took another PT on, I reduced my hours and the guy that came in took on a full-time coach role

Down here in Cardiff we have two full-time coaches 2️⃣

We have Holly who is the gym manager, she supervises everything making sure the staff and clients are ok, the facility is ok

Then we have Shannon, the client care and sales manager ❗️

She chases the leads and sells

And makes sure once they’ve joined they’re ok

And me? I have nothing to do with DKnine anymore 😅

I go in once a week and make sure the gym is running smoothly

Plus, the next few months…we have our eye on a couple more units 😉

And this is all because I’ve managed to step away from DKnine to give me more time to do what I want to do

David 🙂

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