You’re just wasting all your money 💵

Last week I was on a call with a FitPro Portal member

He was telling me how he joined a Fitness Business marketing programme that cost him a few £100 a month

They made him invest in software that even we at DKnine Fitness wouldn’t need

Costing him £100’s a month

Now if this guy had 100’s of clients

Then this software may help

Yet he only currently has 2 online clients

Leading to him making a significant loss every month he was on that programme

So if you are new to the fitness industry or are spending £100’s each month on these special softwares then please take note

I know a number of 5 & 6 figure fitness business owners who have a FREE WordPress website

Use a free Application Form Software

Use MailChimp which is free or spend a little every month on Aweber to collect email addresses

And I get it

I use to be just like you

I had click funnels $97 a month

I had TypeForm $35 a month

I had infusionsoft $149 a month

These 3 things alone were about the same price as 1 monthly client

Or if I had them now

And we charge £69 a month for the cheapest programme

That would be around 4 clients to pay for all of this

You HONESTLY don’t need it

You are wasting money on things that are not going to make any difference to the number of sales or leads you generate

So here are a few must-haves to get you started


If you are running Facebook LeadAds, you will need this to pull your leads in

£20 a month

Only get it if you run Facebook LeadAds

2… MailChimp or Aweber

These are email marketing platforms, a place to store all your leads

MailChimp is FREE to a certain level, Aweber is better and costs $19

3… Wufoo Forms

These are application forms

Wufoo is FREE 🙌

If you want a redirect to take payments then you have to pay

4… WordPress

Your website is free, WordPress has a load of free themes you can use

You will just have to pay for the domain and hosting

These are 4 bits of software that you can run your whole business from and cost less than 1 client a month


David 🙂

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