You Will Make Sales If You Do This…

This week has been all about sales 💰

On Monday, James shared his expert views on generating sales. James has a number of venues and has worked with a variety of people from all around the world 🌍

Tuesday we shared 5 things we would do at DKnine to push sales

Wednesday I shared our ad system and the system most people are implementing right now when it comes to making sales and taking deposits 💸

Yesterday we looked at a foundational tip

Today I want to recap everything we’ve covered so you can take it all and start implementing it and making those sales

You see…

There is a massive difference between selling online and selling offline

There’s a lot more groundwork and trust-building that needs to go into selling online

In contrast, if you’re doing a phone call and like James said on Monday for an offline product, it becomes so much easier

You can build that KL, invite them in

Then they know the area and they can visualise what they’re getting

At DKnine we never sell over the phone, we bring them into the studio to see it and experience it

The sale becomes relatively straight forward

So when it comes to selling online over the phone

It is hard, there’s no doubt about it 😰

And that’s why we introduce funnels and set-ups to make those sales

A webinar, a 5-day challenge, a long and slow flow that builds trust over emails

So they’re ready for that phone consult 📞

And then it comes down to another number of things…

1️⃣ You need to be confident in what you’re selling
2️⃣ You need to let them talk, they will sell themselves into your programme
3️⃣ Take notes – when you announce that price when they come out with any worries, you can go back to that pen and paper and give them reasons

And top of all this… one of the biggest things I want to discuss is your programme price

If you want to charge a large amount for your programme, be confident, don’t let them dictate your prices

You know what your salary needs to be to work with your lifestyle

Stick to it

You don’t need to offer discounts and bargain with them 🙌

The higher price you charge, the less staff, the less lead chasing, less selling

You’re making a good profit and saving on time ⏰

That’s it for this week!

David 🙂

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