Don’t Let Your Clients Dictate Your Price…Here’s Why!

On Monday James shared a huge amount of knowledge

This week we’re talking sales

Tuesday I shared 5 tips I recommend anyone does when conducting sales

And yesterday we looked at what’s working with Facebook ads and then explained how to sell to your leads now you’re almost open again! 😆

Today I want to talk about a foundational thing

So I was having a chat earlier with a portal client 📞

She explained she’s changing her service and upping the price

And I think this is a great move. You see…

Never let your clients dictate what you price your programme at

This is your business, and you set it up to support your lifestyle 💸

So figure out how much you need your business to pay you

If someone comes along and says you’re too expensive just take it on the chin and move on

At the end of the day its your business, your future 💁‍♀️

Don’t start reducing prices to let more people in

If you charge that little bit higher you’ll need less people

The less chasing you do! 🙌🏻

And this is the same when it comes to staff

Charge less, more clients, more staff

All eating into your profits 💸

So sales and pricing really do go hand in hand

Stick with your price, the one you’re comfortable with charging

David 🙂

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