You need to be more like Boris Johnson ?

You need to be more like Boris Johnson ?

If you are reading this and not based in the UK

Then tomorrow, December the 11th, it is a General Election here in the UK

Where the UK gets to vote which party they want to be running the country

Boris Johnson, head of the Conservative Party is desperate to win to stay Prime Minister of the UK

And has been for the last 2 or so weeks, touring the UK to tell people about his plans and to get people to vote for him in the General Election

They key part of this sentence here is….

He is out telling people about HIM & his party

He isn’t just sat at home hoping for others to know about his plan and that people will just vote for him

Now politics really isn’t my thing, I know what I need to know

What I do know tho is getting leads, leads for your fitness business

So if you are sat at home, reading this and know you don’t have enough clients

Then you NEED to be more like Boris Johnson

You NEED to telling your local area about your fitness business

You NEED to be running your Facebook Ads to generate leads

You NEED to be chasing every single lead that comes in, not waiting around and hoping they text back

You NEED to be asking clients for referrals

You NEED to be linking up with aligned business that can help spread your message

You NEED to be getting your name out there ?

So what you waiting for…

I bet you have messages in your inbox that you haven’t either got back to, or could re start that conversation

Go check your emails, go check your text messages

People are ready…. You just need to tell them ?

David 🙂

Ps… not sure how to get started?

Then head over here ???

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