You 100% NEED to read this today ?

You 100% NEED to read this today ?

Firstly to know WHY I am going to talk about what I am, you will need to check out the post on the page earlier

It’s the result I got one of our Facebook Ads Management Clients

A total of 51 leads since the 1st of this month, at a cost of just £1.60 for ladies, and £1.41 for the guys

? This is at a supposed time where nobody wants to start a fitness or wellness journey ?

Now I am not bigging myself up for delivering these leads to our clients, this is my job

I want to share with you HOW WE DO IT



It all comes down to the right message to the right audience

It really is that simple

That’s why a picture of a huge muscly man for ads that are for mums looking to ditch the belly just aren’t going to work

That picture doesn’t relate to the audience

Let’s say you swapped a picture to a client, who looks like she has been beasted

Again the mum type of prospect is not going to relate to that picture and therefore won’t click the ad

So what picture do you use?

A picture that makes the mum want to know more, one that will spike her interest and is targeted to what she wants

Ladies smiling, having fun, laughing

This then takes us on to the ad copy

Again like I said at the start


So if we keep with the mum example, she is going to need

? Short, fun sessions she can fit around her family life

? Possibly flexible sessions times that she can move around

? Simple nutritional plans like a meal plan that fits again around the family

? Plans that still allow her to have the odd glass of wine, and not feel like she is on a diet

? She probably wants to lose the mum tum, to tone the arms and legs

? Improved fitness & confidence to chase the kids around and look good in her old clothes


If you work with this type of audience, I have basically just written an ad for you

This is all it comes down to

Dangling that carrot in front of them

Talking about their needs & frustrations

And showing them you have the answer

The leads will then come

Or you could join “The Portal” and just use the Facebook Ads copy that is working right now for us ?

David ?

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