Why It’s Important To Generate Interest

This week has been all about how to generate a different load of income streams into your business πŸ’Έ

On Monday, Alan shared how he set up his online fitness business without paid advertising ➑️

Tuesday we shared 5 ways you can generate extra cash flow into your fitness business

And yesterday we talked all about organic vs paid marketing

Today though, I want to pick up on one of the 5 things I discussed on Tuesday ❗️

We talked about everything from clothing to programmes to workshops to events

But one thing we didn’t talk about was finding out if there is anything interest in what it is you have to offerπŸ‘Š

There’s no point in investing time into a new product or service if you don’t have some idea about the interest people will have in it

You see…

You can put loads of time and effort into something

But if no one is interested in it

You won’t be making any money ❌

So, instead of going through all the stress of putting something together, test the water πŸ’§

When we talk about t-shirts, myzones etc

Do a simple post to invite members to put an order in

‘We will be doing an order in 1 weeks time. Who wants what?’

This way, you haven’t pre-ordered or lost any money

You are simply working with supply & demand βœ…

Like now

We are trying to organise a FitPro event in September

We’re looking into locations, prices

But we aren’t committing 🀨

Once we know what it will cost

We will put the feelers out

Then, when we know people are interested

We will commit 😎


So, put the feelers out and then put the work in πŸ’ͺ

Ask who’s interested, take some deposits and then fully commit

David πŸ™‚

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