Organic Marketing Vs Paid Advertising

This week has been all about how to generate new income streams into your fitness business 👊

On Monday, Alan shared his experiences in setting up online fitness businesses without running paid advertising 😎

Tuesday, I shared 5 different ways to generate income for your fitness business 💸

Today, I’m talking all about organic marketing ⬇️

If you’re in a rush and need to generate leads FAST, organic marketing is not for you ❌

Its a long process…

You see, when you run paid advertising normally the prospect is cold, they don’t know much about you, and its harder to make that sale 💸

Whereas organic marketing, they’ve been following you, taking in all of your posts and they have finally decided to reach out…therefore they are a warm lead, and more likely to buy 💸✅

So, to run organic marketing effectively you need to do 3 things

1️⃣ Understand your content & audience

Your target audience needs to be somebody you know a lot about so when you write about them and film content for your business, they can relate

Your posts need to be consistent and specific to them 😆

2️⃣ Where are you going to put this content?

Love videos? Youtube
Love talking? Podcasting
Love writing? A blog or social media

Figure out where you thrive and start utilising it

3️⃣ Master that platform

Lets say you use youtube and create great content…

If you havent mastered it you need to learn how to rank your videos or it will all go to waste 🤯

Same goes for your website

Writing loads of great blogs? If you arent good at SEO and helping your website be found, no one will find your website 😓


So, paid advertising is quick, simple and harder to make sales

Organic, slow, time consuming but easier sales


The big question is…how long do you have?

I suggest doing both!

They will feed into one another and there are plenty of pros to each 💪

David 🙂

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