Why £1 Is All You Need For A Facebook Advert

Facebook is by far one of the best ways to generate new leads for your business

It single handedly provided me with my first 30 clients for DKnine Fitness

Back then, running ads was super easy

Knower days in 2019, things are a little more tricky

Yesterday I gave you a complete 30 minute training on how to set your first Facebook Advert up​​​​​​ ​

If you haven’t seen it yet, then go and check out the: FitPro Lead Generation YouTube channels


Today I wanted to share you with a super cool trick which we do for DKnine Fitness and a number of our Facebook Ads Management clients​​​​​​

t’s called the £1 a day formula

As you know the reach on Facebook these days is not as it was when it comes to your page

They reckon about 4% of your total page likes will see the post you just put out 🤯

So for the £1… I would sponsor that post in the local area

In fact, I have 5, £1 posts running for DKnine Fitness

This help increase the page visibility in the local area, helping my BRAND AWARENESS 🙌

More eyes on my page, more people knowing about our business… RESULTS

This may even lead to an extra few messages to the page each week enquiring about the services

Although it is not the main reason we do this 😝

Okay… So what we are after is the people who invest TIME into viewing our content

✅ The people who read the whole post​​
✅ The people who watch most of the videos
✅ The people who comment, like or even share our stuff

These are the people we are after ​​​

These are the people you are building the KLT with

Now what we do next is simple 😎

We send JUST THOSE PEOPLE as special Facebook Ad

With the following heading….


I then put in a little offer

Results = Cheaper cost per sale 👊

David 🙂

Ps…. This may also be the perfect time to announce we have a space opening up on our Facebook Ads Management programme​​​​​​​​​​​​ towards the middle of the month

Drop me a message if you are interest 😏

Alternatively… If you would prefer me to teach you all this stuff 🙌

Then come and join us inside The FitProPortal —>> http://www.thefitproportal.com ​​​​​​
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