Where You Should Be Posting Your Content

This week is all about creating content & video to help you generate more leads, create more engagement and make. more sales

Yesterday, Steve from HD Creative shared what he does for his FitPro clients to create great video content to generate more leads & make more sales

Today, I’m sharing how we create one piece of content and share it across 5 different channels every single day

Watch, listen or read?

Everything starts here > I’m recording this video

Every week we have a range of topics we want to talk about

We make a plan and we film a video for every single day

Once the content has been filmed, Morgan then turns this into the FitPro Lead Gen Show which goes onto YouTube as a video…this is step number 1️⃣

From there, he takes the audio off the video and posts it onto the podcast via Anchor

Anchor also shares it to Spotify and Itunes, this is step number 2️⃣

Elsie then watches the video and transcribes everything I say into text

That text gets added to the YT and Anchor descriptions and also gets sent out as an email – step number 3️⃣

Plus, it gets sent out on social media – step number 4️⃣

Finally, it is added to our blog on the website

When you head over to the blog you will see the video, the podcast and the transcription – and thats step number 5️⃣

So….thats how we create one piece of content and share it across 5 different channels ❗️

It really is that easy!

David 🙂

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