The Key To Getting More Viewers

This week is all about content creation and video 

How we can get better, generate more leads and make more sales 💸

During our guest interview, Steve shared what’s working right now for his FitPro clients when it comes to generating more engagement from video

Then yesterday, we talked all about creating a piece of content and posting it in 5 different locations 

Today, I’m sharing two important things you should do when it comes to creating content 

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So what I have coming your way, is two tips 

1️⃣ The type of video 

2️⃣ How to make sure people watch enough of that video 

Sometimes when we post a video out on social media, we’re having to fight against all our competitors 

Its all about catchy headlines 

And everyone will be competing 🔥

But the one type of video that always does well is a top tips video 

That’s why we do it! 

People want the help

So I suggest at least once a week you put out a top tips video 

For example…

✅ 5 great core workouts

✅ 5 easy ways to build bigger biceps

Now to get people to engage with most of your video, it’s always important to state which tip is your favourite

Make it tip 3 or 4 

Keep them watching 👀

Keep them wanting to know, guessing what’s coming, and staying engaged

Remember the aim is to keep them engaged with your content 

So that’s what’s working right now 

David 🙂 

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