What’s Working Right Now When It Comes To Sales

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week has been all about sales and we started on Monday with Stuart Mackenzie sharing his insight on sales scripts, high ticket selling and everything in between

then yesterday I shared 3 things you must consider when it comes to making sales

Letting them know what’s in store, breaking the ice and your payment options 😃

Today though I want to share something that’s working for us right now when it comes to making that sale

Phone call sales or consultations in the gym

And what we’ve done more or less the entire time is consultations, we ring them chat and book them in for a consult

but recently shes been seeing how a convo goes

She has a chit chat on the phone, and if she feels like she can close the person on the phone

She goes down that route

But if it feels like they need a bit more, she will invite them into the studio first

So if you have a busy schedule, and you think you can sell on the phone

Do it that way and you save probably 30 mins to 1 hour of time

But, if they’re hesitant, you can invite them for that consult

Think about it, give it a try

This way you cover both bases

Let us know how you get on

David 🙂

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