3 Tips To Make Your Sales Process Easier

On Monday Stuart came onto talk to us about sales scripts, how much we should be charging and a whole lot more when it comes to sales

If you haven’t checked out that guest interview yet…get on it!

Today though, I have a couple of tips coming your way to help you make your sales process easier

1️⃣ Give them a heads up!

This starts before you even phone the prospect

When you phone someone and they don’t know who you are, they can be defensive 😳

So when someone submits their details try and make it as obvious as possible that you will be ringing them

Give them a time to expect the call, invite them to your free FB group, read our success stories, offer them a free guide 🙌🏻

That way then, when you phone them – they know who you are and why you’re calling

2️⃣ Casual Conversation

Now they know who you are, you still want to make it as easy as possible for them to open up and talk to you

Don’t speak loads, go in all guns blazing, start asking difficult questions 🤯

Remember this person still doesnt 100% know if they can trust you and open up

So one of the things we do, is have an ice breaker question

‘how has your day been?’ ‘what have you been up to’

They need to feel more relaxed 😄

Plus, let them know more about you and your story

3️⃣ Make payment easy

This is usually the scariest part of the whole process

You might have a great convo and then you’re about to announce the price and you clam up 😣

You need to relax, the more relaxed you are about presenting your programme and its price

The more relaxed the client will feel

Don’t jump in and start justifying your price

Plus, make the sales process as comfortable as possible

Make sure you have a payment link or a paypal payment option

Paypal really reduces their worry

Because they know it, like it, trust it 😎


I hope those tips are helpful!

Now go and smash some sales 💪🏻

David 🙂

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