Top 5 ways to make sales easier in 2022

5 Ways To Boost Sales

Today we’re looking at 5 ways to help make sales easier 

Yesterday, we talked about how awkward and challenging sales can be 

So, get ready for 2022 today and master those sales here

Here are 5 things we do at DKnine ⬇️

1️⃣ Remind them!

Make sure they remember they booked this consultation. Remind them!! The minute you book someone in, make sure they get a confirmation email and text on the day they book, the day before they’re due to come and 4 hours before they are coming in.

2️⃣ Warm Welcome

They’re going to be nervous! So, you need to make sure you’re outside ready to welcome them in with a smile and an icebreaker question. Just something to ask how they found you, how they got there etc. This will make them relax and feel welcome 

3️⃣ The Welcome Wall

Walk them past the welcome wall. This is our wall full of transformations. Point people out who look similar to them…so they can see it actually does work.

4️⃣ Active Listening 

Jot everything down. When it comes to revealing the price, if they have any excuses or worries you can go back to what you’ve talked about with them. Use it to combat any excuses they have. If you realise they aren’t a good prospect for your business, just let them go!

5️⃣ Easy Payment Process

When the prospect is ready to make that payment, you want this process as simple as possible. We have 3 options. They can pay on Stripe, Paypal or in Cash. We want to make it as easy as possible. They might be nervous! So a complicated payment process could be enough to put them off. 

So they are 5 things we do here at DKnine Fitness 


That is it for Christmas! 🎄

We will be back on the 27th! 

If you have any questions, simply comment below or reach out on one of our social media channels 📧

David 🙂 

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