How to make the most out of your content

I hope you had a great few days over Christmas

Today, I want to jump back into it and share how we turn 1 piece of content into 5 different formats

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Let’s dive in…

1️⃣  Video

It all starts with the video 

That video is edited and uploaded onto youtube 

Once that’s done, we grab a shareable link so that we can include it in our emails and blog posts

2️⃣ Podcast 

We then take the audio and use it as a podcast

We upload it to anchor 

And anchor shares it to spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts etc

3️⃣ Blog 

Now we have video & audio we turn it into a blog post

We do this by transcribing it 

Plus, we also embed the youtube video and the podcast onto the blog

This way, people have loads of ways to listen, read or watch this content 

4️⃣ Email

With this transcription, we also send it out an email 

Every night at 8pm, this is scheduled to come out

Plus, we also add a link to the video to allow people to consume this post exactly how they want to

5️⃣ Social Media

Lastly, we post this text on social media 

We edit it to suit the platform 

And we have a template we use for every FitPro Daily Show post

We also shorten the text for Instagram or Twitter etc 

Plus, we often also put the link to the blog in the comments below 


So thats how we turn one piece of content and post it in 5 different places 

This makes it so much easier to create content 

This is just one piece, shared in 5 different formats

So, I hope this helps! 

Hope you had a great Christmas 

If you’re ready to get back into it, and make 2022 your most successful year yet 

Head over to and find out more 

David 🙂

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