Tips for a Lead Gen Website 🖥

Today has been non-stop…

I traveled up half the country this morning

Meeting up with a good friend, James Calderbank

Where we sat and built out a brand new website for his MensHub facility

Drink several cups of tea in the process

And have just made it back down to Cardiff 🥵

It really is time for bed 🛌, but before I get my head down

I had to make sure I gave you a few tips on your website

To help get the best possible return

E.g… Generating leads

After all, this is the one place people purposely come and check you out before they get in contact

Leading us perfectly into the first tip

1️⃣ Make it super obvious who the website is for when they land on it

Honestly, your prospect don’t care if you graduated university

While also raising money for a long lost tribe in the amazon

They just want to know that this website is for them

Make it super easy for them to know that the minute they land on your website, that they are in the right place

Welcome them to the website and let them know that you help people just like them get amazing results

2️⃣ Know we have confirmed with them that this website is for them, we only have about 30 seconds to convince them to stay

This is the trust and proof stage that show them that you get results with your clients

They want to know that people just like them have come to you and got results

You will know your market, therefore these success stories, testimonials, case studies have to resonate with the prospect

Build the ever-important KLT

3️⃣ Now you should have peaked their interest

Next, we need to make them hand over their details

This can be done and needs to be done in a few ways

Let’s start with a few CTA to download a FREE Lead magnet

Then add in a few CTA to request more information about your services

Finally, we want to make it super clear where the contact page is

These 3 things are the basics to a lead generating website

** Did you know we give you a complete website course, including templates and downloads inside The FitPro Portal 🙌 **

Moving on…

Here are a few other design and SEO tips you will need to consider

✅ Keep the design, simple, spacey and clean – Nobody likes a mess

✅ Be sure to include a number of keywords on all the pages – for us they would be… Personal Training in Cardiff

✅ Make sure you name all your images – Google will rank your images too 👊

✅ Test all the buttons – nothing worse than wanting something that doesn’t work

✅ Upload really big, quality pictures, then get a plugin to compress them – Quality is key to building trust

✅ Don’t forget your privacy policy – GDPR and all that

Actually, that will do for now

If you want a load more knowledge, downloads, templates and everything you could think of about websites

Then come and join us inside The FitPro Portal

David 🙂

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