A lead gen funnel EXPLAINED πŸ‘Š

Something the FitPro Portal focuses on heavily is showing the members a variety of ways to generate leads

Then once that lead has been generated, how to build the rest of the funnel to best increase the chances of the lead signing up

The whole process will always lead back to you having to make phone calls unless you opt for a messenger style of funnel

Today I wanted to go over a few ways that you can set up a Lead Gen Funnel for your business

1️⃣ The first one is the Facebook Ad to Landing Page, where you collect their name, email & phone

This is the most common one, as you will phone every single lead that comes in

Once they become a lead, we have an automated text message that goes out and tells them you will be calling shortly

Plus you will have an email follow up campaign that helps build trust over the first 5-7 days and has a specific CTA

As for the TY page, this could be anything from an application form to a ‘what happens next’ video

(If you don’t like phoning, you could just text them every day for a few days instead)

2️⃣ If you don’t like doing as many calls or you would prefer to call people who know a lot more about your programme

Then you would go Facebook Ad to Landing Page, where you collect just their name & email

Then redirect them to an application form that asks them up to 10 questions and have a pricing question in there too

On the TY page, this could either be a call scheduling feature or a what happens next video that delivers value and trust

Once they complete the application form, be sure to have an auto text message to remind them that you will be going over their application form

Plus their name & email from the landing page is connected to an email follow up campaign that helps build trust over the first 5-7 days and has a specific CTA

3️⃣ If you just don’t want to call at all, then a Messenger Campaign would be your thing πŸ‘Š

There are 2 ways to do, the simple and the more complicated

The simple one is simply setting up a messenger ad inside of Facebook Ads, then when someone clicks the ad, it starts a message with you

The second is where we use ManyChat

We link the Facebook Ad Message up to an automated flow within ManyChat, therefore when someone clicks the FB Ad

They get a flow of messages that they need to reply too, these are to build trust and deliver value, with the aim of making the sale at the end or preparing you to enter that conversation


Like I said at the start all of these funnels can be found inside The FitPro Portal – www.TheFitProPortal.com

And it will all come down to how many calls you want to make

If you are not sure which one is the right one for you

Then try them in this order and see which one works best for you

David πŸ™‚

Ps… here is the link to the FitPro Portal again



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