The single reason for the growth of DKnine Fitness

The single reason for the growth of DKnine Fitness

I get asked the same question time and time again

➡️ How did you grow so fast❓

I would love to say it was all me…

? I trained the clients
? I wrote the ads
? I chased the leads
? I did the follow ups
? I did the daily social media
? I took care of clients

But I can’t…

And I say that with a big smile ?

Because if I was to do all that…

Then I couldn’t have gone away last weekend to watch Barcelona

I couldn’t have taken 6 weeks off the other year to travel around Thailand

The scary thing is ?

You could be one of those that do all of this

EVERY SINGLE JOB in your fitness business

And I’m here today to tell you to stop

To grow your fitness business

Have more time off


You need help‼️

In Southampton, I had an amazing lead chaser

Who would do all my phone calls and booking in leads to see me

I used Buffer to post all my social media content for me

I used Aweber to deliver my 6 Week Programme

The results….

I worked a 4 day week

With 35 clients paying me £150 per month

That’s £5k a month

What has taken us to that next level in Cardiff is staff ?

2 full time trainers

2 admin staff

AMAZING people in a certain area to do a certain job


I’m not saying to go out right away to find staff

First, start by having someone to chase the leads

As this is probably the most key task you have after delivering sessions

Then start finding out ways to automate and make your life easier

One of those ways could be The FitPro Portal which gives you all the Facebook Ads Copy, Social Media Posts that you can use right away -> ?

David ?

Ps.. rather us do your social media or run your Facebook ads for you❓

Then drop us a message

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