It’s all your fault ?

It’s all your fault ?

When times are tough

I can guarantee a client will come up to you and blame you for their slow progress

When you know deep down it is them not doing what you want them to do

But actually… it is your fault ?

One of the things we get our clients to do on a daily basis is complete 4 tasks

We do exactly the same thing inside The FitPro Portal

4 key tasks

Tasks that you know…

If they do them, THEY GET RESULTS‼️

By putting these tasks in place

When they turn to you and say they are getting results

You simply say… show me your daily tasks ?

So here is what I get The FitPro Portal members to do on a daily basis to help grow their business

1. Have a Facebook Advert Running
2. Call all leads
3. Chase all non sales
4. Post on social media 3 times

That it ?

I know if they do this

They will generate leads, make more sales


By simply holding them accountable ?

David ?

Ps… want my AMAZING team to hold you accountable too❓

Join us here:

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