The Facebook Ads Funnel 😎

Today, just a straight talking follow this and get results post 👊

Here is a step by step to a simple

LEAD GENERATING… Facebook Ads Funnel 😎

➡️ Step 1) Write a Facebook Ads Copy that talks the prospect language

➡️ Step 2) Now find a Picture or Videos that paints the same message

➡️ Step 3) Create a landing page that has the Facebook Ads Copy Headline, plus a sub headline saying: Where should we send you more info? Then have 3 boxes that ask for Name, Email & Phone

➡️ Step 4) When they press the “Send Me More Info” button, have this connected up to your Email Marketing Software and TextAutomation. TextAutomation is to say that you have received their details and will be calling shortly.

➡️ Step 5) After pressing the “Send Me More Info” button, they are then redirected to either and application form or a page that says you have minimal spaces and they should write a message to tell you more on the Facebook Messages Box you have embedded.

And the final step…

You chase, chase, chase and get these leads booked in 🙌

And that is the simple Facebook Ads Funnel I have in my own Fitness Business, the one I set up for all my Facebook Ads Management clients and the one we show you how to set up step by step inside The FitPro Portal

Honestly don’t think about it, and start over compacting it

Just follow these steps, get something like LeadPages for the Landing and TY Pages and you are good to go 🙌

Obviously if you wanted step by step guidance, advice, support and more then comes join us inside The FitPro Portal for just £1 for your initial 7 days and watch the whole step by step training on how to do this


David 🙂

And With Trust Comes, Leads & Sales 🙌

And With Trust Comes, Leads & Sales 🙌

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