The Course Model 🖥

If you are really thinking about setting up an online programme, I would check out yesterdays post

It is by far the simplest to set up…

Today is where the most work comes in before actually making any money

That is the Course Model 🖥

The reason the course model works better than the Membership Model is down to giving people a length of time to hit a specific goal

Meaning you can charge a lot more for this type of programme

For example…

Come and join my bootcamp, it’s £5 a session

Or come and join my 6 week drop a dress size bootcamp its £97

Having a specific time frame to hit a specific goal to make people more motivated

Like I said…

This model takes much longer to set up than the Membership Model as you now have to create a course

First decide on the length or specific aim for the course, then start to work on building the modules or week and what they need to do in each one

This could still be in the Facebook group format, where you have a start date and then you release a new module each week if you want to keep spending down

Or if you are ready to splash out and make an impression there is plenty of fancy software that can automate the whole thing for you

To start I would keep it simple…

✅Pick a course start date
✅Pick a length of time for the course
✅Pick a target to aim for “Mummys 6 Week Drop A Dress Size Challenge”
✅Then add them all into a Facebook Group and release a new module each week for them to complete to get the results

If you are super serious and want to get a load of new clients…

I would advertise a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if they don’t hit their goals

Obviously, you will need to install a few rules to make sure they do try their best

Any questions on the following 2 models we have talked about, just drop me a message

David 🙂

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