The 5 Best Ways To Generate New Clients

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Today we have 5️⃣  tips coming your way on how to generate clients if you want to smash 2022 out of the park 💪

Before we get started, did you hear Sam Perrys interview yesterday? This is perfect for those looking to get started >> 

Now, let’s dive in ⬇️

Here’s 5️⃣ ways you can generate leads

1️⃣ Tell the world about your service 

This is totally free!! Tell your friends, your family, send out emails, give out flyers, reach out to local businesses around you, create blog posts and most of all – stay super CONSISTENT with your social media

2️⃣ Paid advertising

This time we’re going to put money in to generate leads

Ads on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok…there’s loads of options

BUT, before you do this you really need make sure you understand how much this will cost you to run and your return on it 

3️⃣ Youtube channel

If you love creating video content this one could be good for you. On this channel you need to post updates, success stories, insights, tips and tricks…everything you can think of that people will want to engage with

4️⃣ Activities and social media 

Be present on your social media! Make sure you’re liking other peoples things, commenting on other peoples things and putting stories on. The more proactive you are, the more people will get to know you 

5️⃣ Giveaway

This isn’t always a great way to run things. But, it will get you a load of interest! FREE 7 day pass, FREE PT session etc.

Don’t want to do that? Try a free download 

Either way, this will be generating you leads ready for 2022 😎

David 🙂 

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