Best Quality Leads!

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On Monday, Sam shared how she got started in the pandemic and how she’s thriving now

On Tuesday,  we looked at 5 ways to generate leads 😅

Today, we’re talking about how you can get great quality leads

You see…we’ve talked about organic, paid and creating a youtube channel

And I’ve always said Facebook is 1 way to generate leads at a great price 😎

But the cost of Fb ads is rising slowly

What we’ve seen from youtube is yes, it does cost a bit more 

Say you spend £5 for a lead on Facebook it could be £8-12

But what we have found is that they are always a better quality

That means they’re more likely to sign up ✅

And this is what we’ve seen for the last couple of months 

Putting the same budget on youtube and getting better results 

On Youtube, it’s all about the video

It’s a call-out video

Talking to the prospect

How they can feel and look better

And telling them what to do at the end of the video

This takes them to a simple landing page

You phone them up and sell to them from there 🔥

David 🙂 

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