The 4 Questions You Need To Ask When Selling

The 4 Questions You Need To Ask When Selling

Selling to cold leads is an art, and can be difficult

Warm leads know a lot about you already, making selling to them a lot easier

That’s why when it comes to selling to colder leads, the aim is simple

To let them sell themselves into your program

Not everyone finds selling easy, that’s why these 4 questions that I am going to share with you:

✅ Give you all the information you need about the prospect

✅ Gives you all the reasons they want to change

✅ Gives you all the ammunition you need to push the sale over the line

Before I share with you the questions you need to know one key rule

Always sell the prospect what they want, never what you think they want

Or as the saying goes

Sell the prospect what they want, and deliver what they need

First, when you meet the prospect you need to break the ice and relax them

The more relaxed they feel, the more they will talk

And talking is what we need ?

Then all you do is prompt them to keep telling you more, until you are ready to ask them if they want to know more about the program

So the 4 questions….

1) What are you looking to achieve?
2) What have you tried before?
3) What do you need from us?
4) Why is now a good time to start?

The 4 questions are so simple because they tell you everything you need to know

You know what they are looking to achieve because they told you

You know what not to sell to them, and what you need to sell to them as they told you

They have even told you why now is a good time to start

You then ask them if they know want to be shown the program and starting the “YES” stage to selling ?

Of course, all of this and more can be found inside The FitPro Portal:

David 🙂

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