That One Piece Of Software 9/10 Of Our Clients Use

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week has been about automations and systems ➡️

And today I want to share a quick thing working well for us right now

Basically all of our clients are using this one piece of software 😆

But before I share, if you havent checked out Tegas interview or the 3 tips I shared yesterday, head back and check them out

Now this one tool does so much more than you can imagine 🤓

It usually starts off with a trigger, and then when the first thing happens, it triggers everything else to follow in order

For example, if a Facebook lead comes in…

➡️ Send text/email to you to let you know someone has applied
➡️ Add their info to a spreadsheet
➡️ Send text to prospect
➡️ Add info to calendar
➡️ Add lead to Trello for staff
➡️ Add their email to your email list sequence

And so much more…

🙌🏻 What I’m talking about is Zapier 🙌🏻

If you haven’t heard of this software, go and check it out

You won’t regret it

And that’s whats working for us right now when it comes to automations

David 🙂

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