Lead Gen & Sales Systems You Shouldn’t Live Without

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This week is all about automations and systems

And we invited Tega on, on Monday to share his experience and knowledge on that subject 😁

Today though, I want to share 3 systems that will really help you out when it comes to lead gen and sales

Lets get started ⬇️

1️⃣ Lead Gen System

Yeah, thats what we’re all about! But it isn’t just the case of running a fb Ad. We need a system and process in place so you know what to do when someone shows interest, gives details, how you follow up, consultations etc.

So if you’re running a Fb Ad, think about where you send them after they submit their details? Do they enter an email follow-up, do they get a text, or a phone call?

Do you sell on the phone or book them in for a consult? Do you have a text reminder to make sure they show up? 📲

2) Sales & Onboarding Process

How are they going to pay? Whats the first step after payment? Do you add them to your members group, sign forms, register on the booking app, new members email follow-up series, their first session, do they get a welcome pack? 😆

By having these systems in place, its easy for staff members to follow this process step by step

3) Non-sale & long-term follow up

So you had someone sit down, told them about the programme and they werent confident enough to buy ❌

So if someone walks out of the consult without buying, send them a text and perhaps an offer

Maybe set up a reminder to contact them again in 4-6 weeks and share some success stories

A weekly email newsletter, bi-weekly text messages, webinars

Stuff to try and get them back involved 🙌🏻


So, those are 3 systems you need to have in place

This will make life so much easier 🙌🏻

Plus, if you bring someone in – it will make it far easier to train them up too

David 🙂

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