Story Telling = FREE Leads

This week is all about generating leads AWAY from FB ads

Specifically, I’m sharing different ways you can generate leads for your fitness business

We started off with Lianne on Monday, who shared her knowledge and tips surrounding how to get yourself in the media 📺

Yesterday, I gave you 5 additional ways you can generate leads for your fitness business

Today though, I want to share what’s working for us right now. Specifically when it comes to posting on social media 📲

If you’ve been following previous episodes you will know about creating an avatar, understanding your audiences, their wants, needs, desires

So instead of just posting before & after pictures, recipes on instagram, quick tips on twitter, or tiktok videos

What we do is create stories 📚

Stories about our past, our clients past, or what’s happening right now

Make it relatable 🤓

And have a call to action at the end of the story

A good example is talking about the summer months coming up

You can say ‘I had a client who came to us a few months ago, she started in winter, the weather wasn’t great but she wanted to come to get ready for her amazing holiday. Her aim was to drop 1-2 dress sizes in time for summer. Fast forward to now and she’s already 1.5 stone down’

Keep delving into what your prospects want, need and desire

They will read it, relate to it, and get to know you so fast

Much faster than a quick tip or tiktok

Then add your CTA ❗️

‘If this motivates you, if you want results just like this, drop me a message’

By creating stories it gets the user engaged and their interest sparked

David 🙂

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Sharing exactly what is working...

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