5 Tips To Generating Leads For FREE Away From Paid Advertising

Time To Read: 3 minutes

This week is all about generating leads for your fitness business away from Facebook and free 😁

Yesterday we interviewed Lianne Sykes who explained to us how we can get into the media and all about her experiences

So if you want to get your business onto the radio or on TV

Head over and check it out 🙌🏻

Today we’re looking at 5 ways you can generate leads away from Facebook

1️⃣ Reactivation
This only works if you’ve been going 3-4 months or more

It’s going back to previous clients and reactivating them

It’s simple – its March….go back into your calendar and look at everyone that left 3 months ago

Drop them a message, a text, ask what’s been going on, how they’re getting on with their goals, remind them of the success they had with you

Then at the end, present them with an offer to come back and have a week free, a special offer, a trial membership 😆

2️⃣ Your Website
Your website is one of those things you have total control of. You won’t get bad reviews…it’s not suddenly going to vanish overnight like Facebook could

You own it

So let’s start creating blogs on your website 🧑‍💻

Just 1 a week, share it all over your social media, link it in emails

People will get to know you, trust you

And when someone submits their details from your blog they’re a more qualified lead because they’ve read all about you 🙌

3️⃣ Google My Business
It’s amazing. It offers so much to the business whether you’re offline or online

Make sure you’re using it!!

Set your map up, enter your info, add all the call to actions

Get some reviews ❗️

Run it like a social media channel

Update the images and videos

4️⃣ Webinars
Let’s look at something where you can get potential clients focussed on you completely, and uninterrupted

A webinar

If you don’t use them, you will be blown away by the success you’ll get from it

Schedule a 1 hour webinar on a specific topic your target audience are interested in 😏

Guide your sale throughout the webinar – intro, proof, results, sale

Just once a month!

5️⃣ Charity Event
This ticks so many boxes

A charity event – I 100% suggest you do it right away

It ticks so many boxes ✅

The first one being you’re doing something for a really good cause

Plus, clients are more likely to buy in and share this with the public too

Once it’s shared you will get media attention and new potential clients

Finally, when you run a charity event and clients take part this increases the community spirit

Meaning clients will stay with you for the long-run 🏃🏻‍♂️


So those are 5 awesome tips to generate leads for FREE away from Facebook and paid advertising

David 🙂

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