Stop having to re-SELL

Stop having to re-SELL

We talk a lot about running Facebook Ads to generate new leads for your business

That is what we are all about

But something you need to consider at the same time

Is not having to constantly be selling

You don’t want a flow of new signs up in your business all the time, because people are leaving and you need to replace them ?

At our gym DKnine Fitness we have 2 posters that all staff need to adhere too

The DKnine Core Values

The DKnine Client Appreciation

Both of these are what make us stand out, we show the new clients the core values when we come in

And it’s these that make our clients stay month, after month, after month

In technical terms… Giving a shit about your clients ?

We expect our trainers to know the clients kids names and even the dogs name

We expect our clients to have private conversations with each client during or between sessions to find out what is going on

The office staff send out welcome cards, birthday cards, get well soon cards

We text them when they have done well, we text them when they have been missing for a week

We go way over the whole training a group set up

Remember a client staying on costs you ZERO in ads budget

The more you can keep, the less you need to spend

The easier your life will be

I tell all my 1-2-1 clients, the Portal members and my team to keep your weekly intake of new clients low

Say 3-5 a week

And make sure you don’t lose any‼️

Hit 3 new clients a week between now and the new year and you will have grown in size by 15 ?

David πŸ™‚

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