Stop Bombarding Your Clients

Stop Bombarding Your Clients

This week is all about how to get your programmes in check to keep clients for longer

After all, its always cheaper to keep clients than to bring new ones in

On Monday Ash shared his advice on creating a programme and keeping clients for as long as possible 🙌🏻

Yesterday I shared 4 tips on client retention

And today I am sharing with you something that’s working well for us to keep clients beyond their initial 6 weeks

When the client used to join, we would give them everything at once

Sign them up to all accounts, nutrition support, vouchers, every single session, access to all coaches 🤯

And after that first week, they have so much information they felt a bit overwhelmed or confused

And we started to notice those not absorbing the content weren’t showing up enough ❌

So we worked on our on-boarding system

We incorporated this onboarding to the entire 6 weeks

When they join, we just get them set up – keep it simple

And then we build it slowly from there 💪🏻

We tend not to introduce nutrition until week 1 or 2 of the programme

Allow them to get used to the sessions first!

And then introduce the tracking etc.

By now incorporating it slowly into the 6-week programme

We are getting better results, better retention and a lot less confusion

Plus, they usually move straight onto monthly right after their 6 weeks

So this is what’s working for us 😆

I really recommend you don’t bombard them at the very beginning

Build it up slowly

David 🙂

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