Start Laying Those Foundations

This week has been all about keeping clients engaged, active and paying

last thing we want is for them to leave now and not come back

On Monday, Simon Evans shared what’s working for him in his fitness business in terms of client retention

Tuesday, we shared 4 tips we’re doing right now at DKnine during lockdown

Today I want to share 1 thing that is working well that you will want to check out ⬇️

❗️Goal Setting ❗️

Explain to your clients its time to start setting up new challenges, new nutrition plans

Perhaps a 6 week, 12 week or 3 month period 📅

Lay these foundations now

We want to make sure they keep on paying

Have a chat, hold them accountable, give them a tracker card

Whatever it takes to keep them engaged ✅

Last thing we want to do is keep clients paying monthly but not giving them a specific focus when it comes to re-opening

Everything will be all over the place with work and children

So keep them focussed on their health & fitness goals 😄

Make sure they stick with you until you re-open

Plus, make sure your social media is outlining everything they need to know and everything new clients will want to know

Explain your new set-up ✍️

Outline your re-opening plans ✅

Your hygiene procedures 🧴

Your safety procedures 🧯

So people feel confident about coming to you 👊🏻

David 🙂

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