Secure Current Clients and New Clients All At Once

This week has been all about keeping clients engaged, motivated and sticking with you ready for re-opening

On Monday Simon from C&S fitness shared what they’re doing right now

Tuesday I shared 4 tips for client retention from us at DKnine

And Wednesday I shared what’s working

Today is a little different…I want to discuss something that will help you moving forward and remind the clients where they have come from

So far this week we’ve talked about communicating and setting new goals

But one thing we haven’t talked about is getting success stories 📹

We want them to open up about where they were before they started with us

These success stories will remind them what life was like before us

You see…we’ve kept them motivated and getting results

So, after they have set their new goals…get them to document it

Just a quick video outlining their experience working with you and where they’re going with it now ❗️

Then we can also share this with the rest of the community

‘What was life like before us?’
‘What has it been like during lockdown’
‘How do you feel now?’
‘What are your goals’

Share this across your social media and you will get more engagement and people reaching out 🙌🏻

Plus – it’s a reminder to that specific client of the progress they have made too!

At the end of the day, we want people to stay with us and we also want to be getting loads of new people in

David 🙂

It just saves me SO MUCH time

It just saves me SO MUCH time

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