Put this date in your diary ?

Put this date in your diary ?

Put this date in your diary ?

After a good chat with an old friend today…

A guy who entered the crazy fitness industry at almost the exact same week as I did ?

We came across each other by joining a very expensive marketing course back in the day

And have since both gone on to grow 6 figure business each ?

Now what is crazy, is that when we were speaking earlier, I mentioned to him about the day he stood up

In front of a crowd of about 30 other FitPros and decided right that moment that he was going to give up his full time, steady income job and go full time being an Online FitPro

5 years on, he now works with FitPros all around the world, and a number of celebrity clients

Plus he has gone from leaving his steady income job to now running a 6 FIGURE business helping FitPros all around the world solve their clients’ nutritional needs

If you haven’t guessed who I am talking about

It is Shane Nugent ?

And as we were talking and planning for this date

He also reminded me of where I was at that point, he remembers me saying, while he was stood up telling everyone his plan

That I stood up and told the room, that I was sleeping in my car and struggling to convince people to buy my personal training service ?

And that if I could make this work, then so could he ?

Wow how times have changed ?

Anyway, the date you need to keep in mind is: Friday 24th @ 2pm

And now I am off to bed, as today has been none stop

DKnine has done 5 more automated 28 day online sales

We have been busy adding Trusted Partners into the Portal to offer the members discounts

And recording a whole load of new trainings for them too

AND we had 2 new Fitpros Membership site set up to get them going online

Until tomorrow, its goodnight

David 🙂

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