It’s the shock ? that sells them into your programme

It’s the shock ? that sells them into your programme

If you are working with clients that are looking to lose weight

I bet you have heard one of the following

? This is the heaviest I have ever been

Or when you put them on the scales ? I didn’t realise I was that heavy

That’s because most people don’t realise how far they have gone

So when we get prospects in for a consultation, we have a certain flow to how we sell

And it all starts with the intro…

✅ We welcome them at the door

✅ Show them around the studio

✅ Show them the success wall, and share a few of their stories

✅ Then get them on the scales

It’s the shock of seeing their weight that does all the selling for you

And the rest of the consultation should be you giving them the answers they need to join your program

You see numbers are so powerful ?

Take my Facebook Ads service for example

I charge £400 per month for my services, and I recommend that the average business should spend around £10 a day

That would be £700 per month roughly in outgoings

But before I tell them the price, I ask them a few questions

➡️ How many leads do you currently do a week❓
➡️ How many sales do you currently do a week ❓

If they say they do 10 leads a week, and 2 sales at £199

That’s a 20% sales rate

So if I send them 20 leads a week at a sales rate of 20%

That’s £1,592 in FEO sales for a month or…

£892 FEO profit

David 🙂

PS… sell with numbers‼️ IT WORKS ?

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