Introducing You to The FitPro Portal Lite ?

Introducing You to The FitPro Portal Lite ?

Introducing You to The FitPro Portal Lite ?

This week is all about how to succeed in a job interview & find your first set of clients

On Monday Gemma shared her experiences from going from a qualified PT to running a successful international personal training qualification company ??

And yesterday we shared 5 steps we would look for that would really boost your chance of getting the job

And today I want to share with you the basic skills to running Facebook Ads…so you could start right here & now❗️

For todays episode I want to introduce The FitPro Portal Lite ?

We have run the Portal for a while now and had many people ask about a simpler version

?? Basic Ads Course
?? A Facebook Ad Copy
?? Social Media Posts

So over the last couple of days we’ve been working hard to get this ready for the launch date

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a course inside the FitPro Portal Lite

This is called The Facebook Ads for Beginners Course

It’s made up of 9 topics

1️⃣ Understanding Facebook Ads Manager – There’s a big difference between boosting posts & running ads on Facebook. So in this first step we will look at how to set up facebook ads manager, so you can manage ads better, target people better, get the leads you want & make more sales

2️⃣ Audience – This is the type of people you will target. You may know them but we’re going in-depth. Looking at what they want, why they want it, what they’re struggling with.

3️⃣ Headline – We need to come up with a compelling headline that will stop them in their tracks

4️⃣ Copy – The actual ad copy, this is what convinces them to click the link which takes them through to the landing page, or the leadads.

5️⃣ Image & Videos – this is potentially one of the most eye-grabbing aspects of the whole advert. We want this to stop them in their tracks & them to feel it’s specifically suited to them.

6️⃣ Google – we’re on a budget. All we’re spending on is Facebook Ads themselves. Here, we set up google to run an automatic application form process. When someone completes the free application form it automatically gets added to a google sheet.

7️⃣ Publishing the Ads – we have the copy, headline, images, videos & application form. Now we need to set them up.

In this course we show you how to set up a split test advert at £5 a day. So you’re not spending loads, in control & generating the leads you want.

8️⃣ Connecting MailChimp – It’s completely free. We connect their information on Facebook and this gets added to MailChimp and then you can send out a weekly newsletter to all of your leads.

9️⃣ Managing your Ads – our ads are on but to make the most of them we need to show you how to manage them

This is our brand new course ❗️

It’s short & sharp & simple ?

Interested? Ready to start generating leads for your fitness business?

Head over to for more info

David 🙂

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