If You’re Still Wondering Why You Need a Free Facebook Group…

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If You’re Still Wondering Why You Need a Free Facebook Group…

This week has been all about filling your FREE Facebook group to generate sales 💰

On Monday, Jono shared how he has been so successful in growing his Free Facebook group members into paying clients 🙌🏻

Tuesday we looked at 5 ways to fill your group

On Wednesday we looked at what’s working for us in terms of content in our free group

And yesterday we talked about two fundamental things we need to do to generate leads and stay consistent in engagement 2️⃣

Today, if you’re still wondering why you need a Free Facebook group…

Then I need to share with you this 1 simple example 👉🏼

If you always go fishing to the same pond, you will get to a point when there are no fish left 🎣

And this is exactly the same when it comes to your social audience online and face to face

If you don’t bring any new people in, you will run out of people to sell to

You will have sold to everyone who wants to buy from you, and annoyed everyone else 😂

So if you have used everyone up

You need to create a Free Facebook group, invite new leads in & always increase the size of your pond

And this means fresh quality leads who will buy from you 💸

The more people in your group, the bigger your reputation

Imagine you’re in a town and you have 10,000 members in your group

You will be talk of the town 😁

You will be the go-to fitness expert

Because you’ve given so much info and help to so many

So if you haven’t created one yet

Get on it!!!

This is the long-game … and it’s free 🙌🏻

If you aren’t after the long game and you want leads and sales right now ✅

There is no better way than Facebook Ads

Come and join us in The FitPro Portal

We can help you get that setup and running in a matter of hours!

www.thefitproportal.com 🎉

David 🙂

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