I Have Fewer Arguments With Holly Now 😅

Time To Read: 3 minutes

Being super honest with you, it’s not always easy running a business with your other half

Like, I literally spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Holly

We have a great life, we always have a laugh, always do things together

But the one thing that always caused an argument, well many arguments was…

DKnine Fitness

You see FitPro Lead Gen is all me, I control & run FitPro Lead Gen

Holly’s only involvement at FitPro Lead Gen is payments, anyone who doesn’t pay hears from Holly 🤣

Anyway back to DKnine Fitness…

My only real involvement is the lead generation side

& this was the source of many of our arguments

🗣 Holly, I got 5 new leads today. How many have you called?

Possible responses…

🥺 none, I have just been so busy with everything else
🥺 5, I am only seeing 3
🥺 Only 2, I just need to text the other 3 when I finish

Plus many other possible responses when it comes to chasing down & contacting the leads

& as we all know…

✅ The longer we leave a lead, the colder & less likely the lead is to convert into a client

This is why we had so many arguments, over & over again on the same topic

All I can say, in the last 2-3 months, the number of arguments on this topic has basically vanished 🙌

⭐️ No leads can ever be lost now
⭐️ We get a text & email every time a new leads land
⭐️ The lead gets a text & email when they submit their details
⭐️ If we are busy & unable to contact the lead for a few days, they are prompted automatically for 3 days via text & email to get booked in for a studio tour
⭐️ Without having to ask Holly, I can see the progress of all the leads, the pipeline stage for each lead, number of sales made & profit from the marketing campaigns all in one place


The reason for all this and why me & Holly almost never argue anymore is…

LeadDec 💪

You see LeadDec is all about making sure a lead for DKnine Fitness NEVER, EVER, EVER gets missed!

Learn more & start your £1 trial here –>> https://leaddec.com/

You got this 🙌

David 🙂

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