I am setting you a challenge πŸ™Œ

Monday night I was sat down on the sofa after a bit of dinner

When I was scrolling through Facebook, where I saw a video from Eddie Hall

In it, he was doing a 30 day sit up challenge

Where each day he did 100 sit ups for the 30 days

And the results were massive, and what was most interesting about it was…

It was actually interesting and fun to watch

And this is the issue most of have πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

As FitPros we think it’s important to talk about the type of macros in food or why doing a certain type of exercise is better than another type of exercise

Yet for the general public watching, it just really isn’t that interesting

For us FitPro watching it is interesting as we want to always keep getting better results for our clients

But for your prospect watching it really isn’t that fun

What they really want is to be entertained, something that is exciting to watch, things are going to get them moving

That is why things like Eastenders or Coronation Street have been going for such a long time

People get hooked, as they want to know what happens next

You probably have that series on Netflix that you just want to keep watching

Again all these programmes are things that are fun, interesting and exciting to watch

This is why Joe Wicks has become so successful in what he did

Everyone can create cooking videos

Yet what makes him different is that he makes them interesting to watch

Adding in names for the ingredients, making them fun and exciting to watch

You can talk about your favourite exercises or Marcos, it just needs to be fun and exciting to watch

So today I want to set you a challenge

I want you to pick a topic that your target audience would be interested in

And record a video that makes them want to watch

Make it fun, make it exciting, have a big smile

You can go super fancy or just keep it super simple

It is more of an exercise to get better at creating videos

Let’s me know how you get on

Over the next few days, I am going to have a few more challenges coming your way

David πŸ™‚

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