How to build a Membership Site & what to include…

How to build a Membership Site & what to include…

A popular request I get, when I do 1-2-1 days is setting up a members area or membership site

A place you can store content for your members such as workouts, meal plans, recipe books & much more

Or in other words, your own online membership site ?

Your first taste of working with clients online

➡️ So let’s start with building the membership site

There are a few ways of doing this, but the simples way is using WordPress & a theme called OptimizePress

WordPress is FREE ?

But to run it, you will need a domain name: Your Website Name (URL)

And somewhere for the website to live: Hosting

I would 100% recommend, I have been with them for years and have many clients site run with them. You can get a domain name & hosting for about £15 per year with them

Once you have that set up, and WordPress installed onto your hosting. You will need to go and purchase: OptimizePress

The theme is £97, and gives you the layout (how your site looks), and the membership ability (to lock pages only for your members)

Again, this is the one I use for “The Portal”, my own online fitness business, and for my clients membership sites

So step one is complete…..

How to build a membership site ?

? If you want a step by step video guide on how to build your own, we have the complete training inside “The Portal” ?

So what should you include in your membership site

✅ Let’s start with the “Home”, the page a client lands on when they join. On here we use this to show clients around the site, plus have links to the latest training on the site

✅ Next we usually have a “Getting Started” page, the page all new members come to get set up and ready to start the program. In here it could be how to measure yourself and a download to keep track, a video on how to use MyFitnessPal, how to use the support group, and anything else you think your clients would need to get started

✅ Then we move onto the “Latest Training”. This is set up using the blog feature WordPress comes with, making the latest training always appear at the top. In here we fill it with new training each week on questions asked, or new recipes, workouts and much more

✅ “Nutrition” is the next page. This page may have a mini nutrition course, or a place you store all the month recipe books & meal plans to make it super easy for clients to click to download.

✅ “Workouts” is very similar to the nutrition page. You could layer the workout in a way that one level is easier workouts, and below is harder. In here you could also have the warm up and cool down videos they need to follow before each workout.

✅ “Tips, Tricks & Mindset” again very similar to the last. These last 3 pages would be all down to your beliefs around getting results for your clients. Either having a mini course for each so they can get the basics and then look out for the “Latest Training” for more. Or a simple catalogue layout of training for that topic.

✅ The final page I would 100% recommend is the “Bonuses” page, a place where you can store extra bonuses that you don’t usually do. It could include seasonal meal plans, guess workouts or interviews, and or links to “Latest Training” for easy access.


So there you go, how I build a fully functioning and your very own online membership area

And don’t forget, this is the exact formula many Online Personal Trainer use for their business

David 🙂

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