How effective would Facebook Ads be for someone just starting out❓

How effective would Facebook Ads be for someone just starting out❓

We are getting closer and closer to being able to re-open 🙌

Which means I am getting a load more questions on how they can best use Facebook Ads for their fitness business

The other day, I posted up a step by step training on how to set up your very first Facebook Advert

I posted a link on Facebook to that training when I had a question:

🗣 How effective would Facebook Ads be for someone just starting out?

I sent him a quick reply and then thought that I should be sharing this with you too 🙌

No matter if you are a new business or have been going for years

Facebook Ads if used right can make a MASSIVE, MASSIVE difference

For me, it changed my whole business 🤓

If you wanted to know how then check out the training I did for the Fitpro Mentorship Group the other day, where I share my story and cover the lesser spoken parts of Facebook Ads

Today, I wanted to cover 4 basic elements you need to focus on in order to have success with runnings Facebook Ads, no matter if you just getting started with your fitness business or have been going for years

But before we dive into these 4 elements, let’s talk about campaign types

Each campaign for a Facebook Ad has it’s own purpose

If you are wanting people to watch more of your videos, use VideoViews Campaigns

If you are after more eyeballs on your blog or website, you are going to be wanting to use Traffic Campaigns

And if you are wanting to generate leads from Facebook Ads, you NEED to be using the Conversions Campaign types

Yes, they do take a little longer to set up, but they are 100% designed to send you leads. That is what a conversion is 🔥


1️⃣ The first one is by far one of the most important numbers you need to be tracking

If you don’t know what your COST PER LEAD is, it’s going to be impossible for you to know what advert is working and what is wasting your money

This will also make it easy for you to know how much to spend each day in order to generate the number of leads you need

2️⃣ Now you have spent your hard-earned money to generate a lead, let’s say £5

We need to make the most of that lead in every way possible

🚲 You wouldn’t buy a brand new bike, use it once and then bin it??

This is the same with your lead, that lead cost you money, so we need to be CALLING THEM A MINIMUM OF 3-5 TIMES, including emails follow-ups and text follow-ups

3️⃣ Okay, so we know what our cost per lead is and we have been chasing these leads as much as possible, and they are now booked in for a consultation

The next thing we need to be tracking is your COST PER SALE

This is the amount of money you have spent on ads in order to generate a sale

4️⃣ Following on from the cost of the leads brings us LTV or client lifetime value

The amount you pay for a sale, COST PER SALE should be dictated by your LTV

You NEED to know your LTV, this will be a game-changer in the amount you can pay for 1 sale

If your LTV is less than what you are paying for a client, then you need to re-think your offer.

Knowing your LTV will also help you understand how much of a loss you can make on your front end sale

If you know a clients LTV is 10 months @ £100 a month, you know that you could be spending £200 on making that sale as an example

Which leads us to a nice conclusion…

Facebook Ads is by far the cheapest and simplest form of paid advertising there is

It literally changed my business when I gots started in just 2 month

BUT… It all comes down to the 4 things we have just talked about

Get these 4 things nailed and you will see running ads in a different light

David 🙂

Ps… Here are the 2 training I mentioned above
✅ Setting up your first Facebook Advert:
✅ The training I did in the Fitpros Mentorship Review group:

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