Here’s how your clients can help you make more £££

This week is all about creating products and services in your fitness business to give you an additional income 💸

On Monday, Alex shared his knowledge and insights into setting up a supplement side to his fitness business

And yesterday we looked at 5 different products and services you can offer in your fitness business ❗️

Today, I want to go over how to generate these different ideas 

Not sure what sort of products and services your clients want?

One of the things we always do is send out a feedback form every single quarter 😄

We ask them to rate us on different things

➡️ How they feel 

➡️ How they enjoy the sessions

➡️ Nutrition support

➡️ Facilities 

Most of these are rated out of 5

And the final question is…

‘is there anything else you’d like to add’?

This is their chance to express a little more about how they feel, and gives us some extra insight into what they want 💭


And the same goes for clothing

Once a month we put a post out to see who shows interested and ask them what other clothing and merch they would be interested in 

So whats working this week is… ASK! 

Ask for feedback, information and ideas 🙋‍♂️

Your clients know best

David 🙂 

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