5 Different Income Streams For Your Fitness Business

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This week is all about adding additional services to your fitness business to increase revenue and find different streams of income you can rely on

Yesterday Alex shared his experiences setting up a supplement company within his fitness business

And today I have 5 things you can run, include, set up within your fitness business to make some extra £££

Let’s dive in

1-2-1 Coaching

This could be you doing 121 sessions within your gym or bootcamp

Or it could be more of a motivational, coaching, accountability side of things

No extra sessions, just accountability

Setting them tasks, making sure they show up etc


Whether they’re looking to lose weight and gain weight, we know how important this is

If you don’t have the correct qualifications there are loads of programmes and services you can subscribe to

And sell them on as an additional service


We do these once a quarter here at DKnine

It’s a 3-hour workshop focussing on something specific the clients are interested in

For example, flexibility and movement

And we will bring in a yoga instructor

This is super simple

For members: £25
For non-members: £35

We get to bring in non-clients and sell them onto programmes

Running this once a quarter is a great bit of extra revenue


This is a little different to workshops

You could attend tough mudder and make no extra money, but have a great day out and do some team building

Or you could create your own event

A visit to the beach, a camping trip

Once a quarter

Charge a little bit of money, make some cash for yourself and keep building that team bond!


We have branded t-shirts

Every few months we bring out a new design, and the clients that love everything we do LOVE to buy the newest design

We have their names on the front and they really feel part of the community

We also sell hats, vests, shorts, leggings, t-shirts, hoodies

There’s loads of different options and colours and once a month we put an order in for our clients

We add a couple of £ onto the cost of each item, and make a small profit

Plus, we have our clients walking around Cardiff in their branded clothing

And this is free advertisement for us!

So those are 5 different things you can set up, that aren’t too time consuming but will bring in some extra ££ to your business

David 🙂

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