Here’s How To Build KLT

This week has been all about copy-writing 🖋

On Monday, Catherine talked about ethical copywriting

Tuesday I shared 5 tips that go hand in hand with what Catherine discussed that will really get people engaging with your posts

And yesterday we looked at whats working when it comes to creating success stories or writing about peoples journeys to motivate and inspire prospective clients 🙌🏻

Today I want to focus on a foundational thing when it comes to posting on social media

Make sure you aren’t setting yourself a massive schedule ❗️

Sure, at the beginning you think you can post 4 times a day

Because you’ll get burn out 🤯

You’ll get fed up of thinking of all the various types of content
You’ll be busy and prioritising other things

I’ve done this before

I follow a master plan for 1-2 days and then I fall off the wagon

And then I dont post for 5-6 days 🧐

So, why is consistent social media posting important?

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

If you’re running ads and you wanrt to stay at the forefront

I need you to keep posting on social media ✅

We need to be posting at least once a day

If a prospect is checking you out on social media, they want to be reassured by regular posting 😅

If they go onto your Fb page and you haven’t posted for months

They might not know you’re open ❌

So, set realistic social media goals – 1 of 2 posts per day

Stay consistent and build that KLT (know, like & trust) 💪🏻

David 🙂

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