Foundation Tip to Long-Term Clients

Foundation Tip to Long-Term Clients

Foundation Tip to Long-Term Clients

This week has been a really interesting week in terms of comments and feedback to the content on Client Retention

We don’t discuss this much in comparison to Lead Gen and so it’s great to have good interaction from you guys ??

Haven’t reached out yet? We have so much more on this. Drop us a message!

This week we have had our guest interview with Jonathan Goodman, 8 Tips on Client Retention, our On-boarding process and now we’re going to discuss a different business foundation: Be cautious when taking on new clients


The biggest issue is we sometimes take on the wrong clients

We are desperate for money and take someone on who we don’t want to work with and it ends up being a disaster

To combat this, have a quick phone call, invite them to the gym for a consultation. Ask them about their goals and get a good idea of who they are as a person

We don’t want anyone here for a quick fix. We want them to be with us for a minimum of 6 months

If you are paying the same price to get a client in as its costing the sale and they only stay 1 month – it’s not worth it

Whereas if someone stays for 6 months you make the money back long term

So, first of all, make sure you take on the right clients


You might take a client on who seems like they will be great for the business but then it goes downhill ?

They’re negatively affecting the community, they’re stressing you out, taking up more hours of your life than it is worth

It’s time to consider chopping out the deadwood…I know it sounds harsh but sometimes it’s better to get rid of clients causing stress and bringing the community down

To make sure everyone else stays long-term, otherwise, this will massively impact your client retention

Moral of the story, consider carefully who you take on ‼️

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