Facebook hate promises or guarantees

Facebook hate promises or guarantees


I didn’t expect that much feedback from yesterday email ?

From people saying it can’t be that easy, to others who have failed time after time with Facebook ads

Which leads on perfectly to what we are going to talk about today

You see… it’s almost impossible to fail with Facebook Ads ?

All you need is the right hook, to the right audience, with the right language

Get those 3 things right, and you WILL BE GETTING LEADS ?

Now I can’t go into much specifics in just an email

As you will be targeting someone different to the next person reading this

But here are a few things to consider, the next time you write some ads on Facebook

Let’s starts with what you cant say….

Facebook hate promises or guarantees

Which means if you tell someone they are going to lose weight in your advert


You tell someone that they need to change


For the simple reason, that not everybody is going to achieve these results

So Facebook simply don’t let you do or say these things

Onto what you can say…

You talk feelings, you in a 3rd person view

➡️ Who would love to tone up in all the key areas

➡️ Who is ready to jump into those clothes in the back of the wardrobe

Or you can simply insert a review

➡️ Before joining I was tired all the time, struggled to get the kids ready & just had no energy

Running Facebook ads is all about testing

Once you have a copy that works

Stick with it and follow exactly what I am going to talk about tomorrow ?

David ?

Ps… tomorrow we look at one of the most important aspects to a winning advert

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