Exactly 5 Years Ago ?

Exactly 5 Years Ago ?

This morning on Facebook I was reminded of a memory that happened 5 years ago…

Which made me reflect on what has happened in my life over the last 5 years

On this day 5 years ago, we placed all our belongings in the car and made our way down to Southampton to see if we could change our lives

Weeks previous to this day, we had put the plan in motion to see if we could make DKnine Fitness work in Southampton

Plus invested thousands in a marketing course (done on a Credit Card)

When around the Birmingham area, 2 hours into the 6 hour drive

That it hit us…

– We are moving to a place we have NO clients, NO reputation and at that moment NOWHERE to train from

– We were also thousands of pounds now in debt and going to have to spend the initial few months on Hollys Nans living room sofa bed

Have we made the right decision??

On the first day in Southampton, we found a gym. This needed 1 month deposit and the first month payment upfront (£600)

We had to ask Hollys Nan to see if she would be kind enough to not only let us stay on the sofa but now also lend us £600, with no even guarantee she would even get it back ❤️

The Car then decide to breakdown the next day and let to me having to ask my Mum to dip into her savings and to lend me £1000 ❤️

Plus I still owed a few people back home for refunds and rent on a community hall we had used, that my Dad lend me another £300 ❤️

So in that first 2 days in Southampton…

It was either make it or find a job and start paying the thousand of pounds back to everyone over the next few years ?‍♂️

The decision was simple ?

I got to work and mastered FB Ads

Got my first 20 clients in the first 2 months

By mid 2016, we had our first full time coach

Late 2016, we where in a position to lease a Brand New Volvo V40

In 2017, we took 6 weeks off to travel around Thailand

Then in early 2018, we found our first gym after almost a year of searching…

In Cardiff ???????

So we packed up and moved DKnine Fitness to Cardiff

Again a place we had no reputation, no clients and just an empty warehouse

Within just 6 months, we hit the 100 clients mark

Now 1st November 2020, 5 years on…

We have 2 Full Time legendary trainers who love working at DKnine & helping the clients

We have 3 Full Time office staff who work between DKnine & FitPro Lead Gen

We have 2 new Full Time FitPro Lead Gen Staff starting in the next month

FitPro Lead Gen now has over 150 paying clients around the world ?

Plus our 4 year lease on the Volvo V40 was up last month so we upgraded to a Brand New Volvo XC40

And the 2 biggest things to top it all off…

✅ all debt has been paid back, plus I pay my mum a small about each month to say thank you for everything ❤️

✅ and after years of sleeping on sofa beds, at friends houses, with family or in a 1 bedroom flat. We finally moved into a 4 bed house the other week ?

So if I can change my life with a little bit of hard work…

Anyone else can ?

Have a good Sunday ❤️

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