EP#4 – Getting In The Media With Lianne Sykes

Welcome to Episode 4 of the FitPro Lead Gen Show with me David Kyle πŸ™‚

We are justing finishing up in Birmingham for the final day of the FitPro Lead Gen Tour, that I have been doing this week with Lianne Sykes from “Get In The Media”.

This week has been a great experience for both of us and plans are already underway for visiting a few more locations in 2020.

In today’s episode, I have got Lianne’s to share her experience and insight into how to get your fitness business into the media, what to write about and how to get started.

Plus she shared examples of how to create stories that first of all the media want, plus how they can be related to prospects, and using the media presence to boost your fitness business when it comes to leads and sales.

Weekly Challenge…
This week’s challenge is all based around stories and your particular story into why you got started in the Fitness Industry or why you work with a specific type of client. Having a powerful story is one of the easiest ways to be able to relate with prospects and can massively help when it comes to making sales

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EP#5 – Client Retention Should Be Before Lead Gen

EP#5 – Client Retention Should Be Before Lead Gen

  Welcome to Episode 5 of the FitPro Lead Gen Show with me David Kyle πŸ™‚ In today's episode, we look at Client Retention in your Fitness Business! After all keeping clients is way cheaper than having to get new ones πŸ€“ I recorded today's episode live from...

I killed my iPhone in the Thermal Budapest Baths 😰

I killed my iPhone in the Thermal Budapest Baths 😰

 It's our final full day here in Budapest And we headed to the Thermal Baths & Spa An outdoor heated swimming pool, surrounded by snow which has fallen since we have been here Apple says that my phone should be waterproof In which I believe, as I have taken...

Just SELL what they want πŸ‘Š

Just SELL what they want πŸ‘Š

 We work with a good number of seriously big gym owners 300+ clients, with some in the 1000s When I ask them about their offers… They come out with the typical 7-day free pass Which has been costing them upwards of Β£30 a sign-up 😱 This isn't too bad if they then...

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