Do Your Facebook Ad Copies Do This?

Do Your Facebook Ad Copies Do This?

This week has all about lead generation ?

Monday was about paid advertising

Tuesday was about generating leads for free

and Wednesday we were talking about a 2 step landing page

Today is Friday, so here’s our foundational Tip ⬇️

When it comes to lead gen we really have to think about the target audience or avatar we’re writing the copy for

And this is the exact same for your landing page and any follow-up emails

If you’re writing an advert and its very generic its not really speaking to anyone

No one will feel it’s specifically written to them

So, think about adverts which really grab your attention and make you want to learn more

This angle should be the exact same as the copy you are running for your ads or posts for

Make sure the copy speaks to a specific audience

Something simple like ⬇️

‘Were looking for 10 ladies based in cardiff looking to lose 2 dress sizes’

↑ instantly tells you what its for


‘we’re looking for 5 guys ready to bulk up for their holiday in ibiza’

Having the right copy for your ad is KEY. Whether its paid or free, if it doesn’t talk to a target audience in won’t bring them in ❌

Remember, it needs to do 2 things:

Bring people in and push people away

1️⃣ bring people in who you do want in your business

2️⃣ push away the people you want dont in your business

David 🙂

P.S. Still struggling? The Portal is full of templates from Ad copies to Landing Pages to Thank You Pages…all ready for you to download and use straight away

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