Do you really need a website❓

Had an email the other day asking the question…

Do you need a website? Or can you get away with ClickFunnels?

Great question, because not everyone needs a website

But EVERYONE needs a landing page ?

You see a website is perfect for social proof, for talking about your offer, for sharing your success stories and making it easy for prospects to contact you

A website, if set up correctly can also send you a good number of leads each week with CTA and the correct SEO

So all in all… A website is perfect!

Yet not everyone needs one

If you are one man band

Then all you will need is a landing page to direct people to in order to generate leads

That link goes on the end of every post, on your Facebook & Instagram account

Linked in your Google My Business page

That way, you can run Facebook ads and make it super easy for people to request more info

I even work with a few gyms who only have a landing page

So why would you need a website…

Remember a website is all about generating you leads

If it doesn’t do that, then you need to get it fixed ASAP

When we build a website for clients, we build out all the key page including the landing pages

✅ Home Page
✅ About Page
✅ Services Page
✅ Success Stories Page
✅ Blog
✅ Contact Page

✅ LeadGen Landing Page
✅ + TY Page

✅ LeadMagnet Landing Page
✅ + TY Page

✅ SEO Local Specific Page

Remember a website is all about generating you leads

The keywords for SEO and the CTA should be doing the hard work for you

Yet you will still need to update and manage the website to keep it up to date

So how do you decide?

You don’t…

You start with a simple landing page to start sending traffic to

Then as you grow, or have the time, or would rather outsource

Then you think about getting a website

David 🙂

And With Trust Comes, Leads & Sales 🙌

And With Trust Comes, Leads & Sales 🙌

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