Building the KLT with the Lead Magnet

After yesterdays email, I had a reply asking what the difference was between a..

➡️ LeadMagnet Landing Page

& a

➡️ LeadGen Landing Page

The difference is massive, because it is all part of your sales process

Let’s say you work with busy mums

Busy mums have little time to cook

So your lead magnet would be a free recipe book filled with quick, family friendly recipes

This is what you would call a low barrier offer

All they have to do is leave their email address on the LeadMagnet Landing Page

They then get the book, try it out, get some basic results, then look into more of what you do

This is where the LeadGen Landing Page comes in

As it asks now for their name, email & phone number

Remember it’s all about building the KLT & boosting your awareness

A simple lead magnet, such as the recipe book is a perfect start

There is nothing for sale, there is no commitment required

All they need to do it give you their email address in return for the ebook

The ebook is filled with value, trust and proof of what you do work

Then a CTA at the end to point them towards the LeadGen Landing Page

They also enter an email follow up sequence that again builds the value & trust

Pushing them towards the LeadGen Landing Page

In The Portal, we were talking about this the other day

Where you run a LeadAds campaign for the ebook

Then retarget everyone that downloaded that ebook towards a FEO advert

David :)

PS… Want to join in with the retargeting tips? Want examples of landing pages & ebook?

Then come join us:

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